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We carefully collected 100 % pure air for you from the natural places of our planet and placed it in a convenient can for individual use. Enjoy the 100% pure air of Karelia and the Altai mountains.

Undoubtedly it will give you a burst of energy and vitality.

Filling with air

Every time we go to ecologically clean places of Karelia and Altai mountains and fill our cylinders with wonderful pure air.

Clean technology

We use our own technology of filling large cylinders and carefully fill the cylinders with clean pure air.

Delivery to factory

We deliver cylinders with air to our factory. Our delivery is organized taking into account the preservation of all the properties of pure air.


On modern equipment, we fill the cylinders with pure air, pack and prepare for shipment.

Production control

We carefully control every process of our production. Our technology allows us to maintain 100% pure air in our packaging.

Delivery of orders

Our packaged pure air we send to our customers in different cities.

How to use pure air Greenlineair

Remove the cover-mask from the cylinder, disconnect the protective cap

Connect the cover - the mask with the spray button

Bring the lid - the mask with the ballon to the face so that the mask covers the nose and mouth

Click on the spray button and take a breath

Enjoy the 100 % pure air of Karelia and the Altai mountains – this will give you a burst of energy and vitality.

The volume of pure air at the outlet of 10 liters

The dimensions of the can 6.7 cm x 23.8 cm x 6.7 cm

Weight 150 gr

Upwards of 160 shots

100% pure air of Karelia and Altai mountains carefully collected for you

We collect for you fresh air from the cleanest places of our planet

Pure air of the forests KARELIA

It is one of the cleanest places in Karelia on the Tomaiorka River near the waterfall Akhvenkoski (Okunevy rapids). Surprisingly clean fresh air is located right here. And so we go to these amazing places in order to collect fresh air in Karelia. The waterfall of Akhvenkoski is not as high and strong as the White Bridge or Kivach waterfall, but it has a special amazing beauty, elegance and freshness. Its height is 4 meters. In translation, “Ahvenkoski” means “Perch threshold”. The waterfall Akhvenkoski is located in the Sortavala district of Karelia on the Tohmajoki River. It was here that the famous film “A Dawns Here Are Quiet” was filmed

We offer you to experience the aroma of fresh air of Karelia, unique, amazing and clean in the world.

Pure air of the mountains ALTAI

The pure air of the Altai mountains impresses with its purity and uniqueness. We collect pure air from the Altai Mountains and the nature reserve Katun which is located in the highlands of the central Altai mountains of Southern Siberia. The Katun River runs along the valley in the reserve, being the main source of the Ob river. The upper reaches of the Katun River occur on Mount Belukha, the highest mountain in Siberia at an altitude of 4.506 m (14,783 ft), which is located on the far edge of the reserve. Katun is located in the Altai Alpine meadow in the eco-region of the tundra. This eco-region has a wide variety of high-altitude zones and vegetation in central Siberia.

We offer you to experience the aroma of pure air of the Altai mountains of the cleanest in the world, amazing and unique.

Presenting oxygen to you in a convenient package Greenlineair

This is oxygen, which you have not met before.

The purest 96% oxygen is Greenlineair in a convenient aluminum can. It is irreplaceable when doing sports in the gym at competitions, while practicing yoga and in everyday life.

Add yourself energy

Occupations in the gym, participation in competitions require from the body a constant flow of oxygen, a source of additional energy, which pushes the body to maximum productivity and better results. Additional oxygen positively affects when the forces are already running out and you need to get the last decisive push for high performance. Our oxygen Greenlineair thanks to its properties and dimensions, is ideal for sportsmen and sports lovers, and a dense lid protects the jar from getting dust and dirt.

Leave the stress and fatigue behind

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are in most cases the inevitable companions of our lives. The consequences of a modern, dynamic rhythm of life add fatigue. Our oxygen Greenlineair has a beneficial effect on the body, allows you to relax and does not develop stress, fatigue and anxiety. Inhale our oxygen Greenlineair and you will feel how restless breathing turns into a slow calm and deep. Anxiety, fatigue and stress will go away and you will feel a surge of strength and vitality.

The party will not leave consequences

Every adult at least once in a lifetime experience unpleasant consequences from a hangover. The hangover is a painful physiological and psychological condition due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol compresses blood vessels in the brain, as a consequence of this the brain weakly absorbs oxygen. As the body is cleared of alcohol, a hangover comes, which leads to a headache. There is a solution. Breathe our oxygen Greenlineair during the party and you will not be tormented by a painful hangover.

Authenticate our product

We take special care of the quality of our products at all stages of production.

Each our Greenlineair bottle with fresh air and oxygen passes a quality check before coming on the market.

We value our reputation and want to protect our customers from fakes and therefore we put on our product a special code of authenticity.

Our fresh air and oxygen are a unique product. Our team with special care and attention collects and packs for you the oxygen and fresh air of the cleanest places of our planet. We protect our brand in order to deliver you an original high quality product.

To verify the product, enter the identification code indicated on the bottle and the e-mail address. Our service will check and tell you the results of authenticity.